TLC Fallout

Alright friends, we have a lot to discuss on this weeks show! TLC Recap, NXT Takeover review, Fantasy Updates.  We talk about the new, and possibly unemployed, champion, and of course we give our predictions for the future.

Red Hot Studs! Vintage Ambrose! Rhyno's Used Car Emporium!  Swaggerback! Brock is a steamroller!

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TLC Preview & Predictions

That's Right friends, it's time for the MarkSetGO! TLC preview and predictions episode! Styles drops a bomb during Power Rankings, We breakdown the breakup of Mexamerica, we hit the road with some WWE House Show news, and of course we read your emails on air!


#JohnnySwagger, Braun beats up Tulsa, (fan)Dango unchained, Uncle Ricky Reigns, Don't Sleep on Ryback and Heyman Hair Gel.

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The League of Nations

This week we discuss the powerful new faction, Go under the radar, Update our Fantasy advice, and answer emails.


Johnny looks stupid, Titus stalks Stardust,  nobody's watching Rockwell, Zeb's Bingo Night, and leave you dogs at home!

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Belated Thanksgiving Episode

Just in time to preview this weeks RAW! we talk about Sheamus; shameful thing, We jump to conclusions, go under the Radar, and answer your emails!


Zeb grinds on, Stardust's furniture, fresh gold dust! 

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Our 50th Episode!

That's right friends, today we celebrate our one year anniversary "on the air" of the wrestling show for fans and by fans, with a spectacular Survivor Series preview show. We talk about what we've learned in a year, Drop some Power Rankings, Talk a lot of Fantasy and most importantly, we Preview and predict for Sunday's Survivor Series.


F'in Gary. Johnny's Hot Tip, Fish tank or Pedestal? Looks Like We Made IT!!

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The Saddest Day episode

This week on MarkSetGO! Styles mourns the fall of a champion, we discuss NXT, Breakdown the 16-man tournament for the championship, and go on the Road to Europe with the WWE live shows. 


Usoback a thing? Evie used to be pretty, Barrett's mouth battle, Gangrel? and The Hitman vs  Nature Boy?!

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The Soul Reaping Episode!

It's the only sport where souls get reaped! And this week, we talk about a lot of nearly nude dudes slapping it around! Including: Who's left to fight A New Day? Rollins needs a vacation*  Uso Crazy! Styles calls the shots, and we go under the radar


Is Xavier a Grindhorse? Why a lightning machine?! Cosmic Popcorn (now with more stardust!) and the next big hot from Eurosmash!

**This episode was recorded prior to Seth Rollins' injury**

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Hell in a Cell Fallout!

Alright friends, this week on MarksetGO! we review WWE Hell in a Cell, and the following RAW.  We Breakdown the Wyatt's connections, dole out some priceless Fantasy advice, and once again, we jump to conclusions!


Hammerstone got a Job! Gator Stew, Bumping with Owens, Musk Del Rio, and Johnny is a loser in his Fantasy.

***Now broadcast in Mexamerican***

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Hell in a Cell Preview!

It's Here!! Our Preview episode, rife with Spoilers for Hell in a Cell! We also breakdown RAW, go over our Power Rankings, speculate on Cena's open challenge, and answer stupid questions.


Johnny is Red Pants! Kane goes back to Hawaii, re-living Brock's Bird, and X-Pac mans the headshop.

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The Episode from Hell

This week we cover the RAW night from hell, breakdown the Rusev mess, Styles gets to call the shots in our segment, and of course we answer emails.


We got a Swagger sighting, no more stingies, givin' him the Stromo, and Matt Lauer interviews for Kane's job!

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MarkSetGO! now with MSG!

Hey young dudes! This week on MarkSetGO! we talk about RAW, breakdown the Rusev stipulation, check in with our Fantasy Wrestling Teams, and answer listener email!


Everything's so stupid, Big Show really likes it, Rusev ought to run, and Undertaker can't even send an email

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MarkSetGo to Hell!

This week on MarkSetGO! we recap Monday Night RAW, we Breakdown what's left of the Big Show,  go under the radar & evaluate Kane's work performance, and back by popular demand, we Jump to Conclusions!


Dyngus day exists, Bo doesn't know football, Ascensionflix, funeral waffles, and dinner with Sister Abigail. 

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Night of Fall of Champions!

This Week, We recap WWE Night of Champions, and the fallout RAW.  We also Breakdown the Kane Konundrum, and we explore our fantasies with our NEW Fantasy Wrestling segment.


Rollins is Fresh and Young, A Randy Snake Shuffle, Braun doesn't go down, and Johnny Bronzes everything!

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MarkSetGO! Season Premier!

On the season premier of MarkSetGO! we Talk a little RAW, NXT, and Bellabration! We also go on the Road with our house show report and answer listener email.


C&V Security, Heath's bogus journey, the rare PNW Fatryback, We put a hotdog on Nikki, and we're drinkin' the Braun Stroman...Hey Dolph, put on a pair of pants!

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MarkSetGO Season Finale!

That's right friends! It's the Season Finale of RAW and MarkSetGO! We go across the Universe, Breakdown the Torito Turmoil, Submit our Independent Power Rankings, layout our predictions,  and answer your emails!


Prime Rib Monday! Johnny throws a beer, Sheamus McDonald, Burning Becky Lynch, and where did that clown on the garbage truck go?!

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THE MarkSetGO! episode

This Week: The Sting has a Crush! The Kevin Owens has a problem with The Michael Cole? Is The Cesaro driving a school bus? We cover the Divas "Beat The C(l)ock challange" and of all the other news and speculations from monday night RAW and the rest of the WWE Universe!


Johnny gets free beer, What is a TNA?, Styles business tips, and The R.truth fights The Brie Bella.


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SummerSlam Fallout

This week, we recap the excitement that was SummerSlam! as well as Monday night RAW, we discuss the implications of NXT fallout, of course we breakdown the Sting situation, and as always, we give our predictions for the future.


Sir Braun of the Watch, Dolph put his big boy pants on, and there's nothin like a Fresh Owens! It feels smokin' good, by the way.


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It's our Giant SummerSlam Musical Spectacular! Predictions! NXT! Summer Hits! YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS!!!!


Kris Kristopherson! Glenn Close! Pat Kelley! Shredder! Tom Berenger! Gangrel and More!!! and don't forget, Fat Owens Fat!


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MarkSetGO! The Episode too big for Wrestlemania!

This Week, we gear up for Summer Slam as we talk about RAW, go under the radar with the IC belt, breakdown Sheamus' failed cash-in, discuss the WWE Power Rankings, and of course, read your emails


PCB was banned in 1979, Ernesto Pastor Lavergne, Pumping Iron in the Old Town Buffet, and we speculate on the "Golden Division"


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MarkSetGO! WWE Roundup

This Week on MarkSetGO! we talk all about the jabroni edition of NXT, we cover RAW, Breakdown the Owens/Cesaro feud and reminisce about Rowdy Roddy Piper with special guest and portland wrestling historian, Mr. Goiburn.


Wyatt family-Shmyatt family, Lana's stable, we hear from Mrs. English, We're bringing Ronda Rousey to Freak Island! Also, Paul Heyman should really calm down a bit.

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MarkSetGO! The SummerSlam Seasonal

Things are really heating up as we approach SummerSlam! This week we cover RAW, go under the radar with the Stardust feud, We go On the Road with the WWE Houseshow report, and we breakdown the Wyatt situation with a potential new member to the family.


What's stuck in Kevin's Craw? Bray's dad sucks! We talk about Adam Rose! Johnny has a new beau, and the Ascension are adjacent to talent. It's a waste of a life!

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MarkSetGO! Battleground Fallout

This week on MarkSetGO! we discuss the fallout from WWE Battleground, and the subsequent RAW.  We unfortunately talk about Tough Enough, Diva's expert Melanie breakdown with us about the recent upheaval in the division, and we answer an email from the REAL Carl Hanson.



Undertaker vs Fandango! Are we Indy Darlins? R&A Security, next week is NOT rough trade, Crank up the A/C for Summerslam, and it's Weekend at Hogan's!


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Battleground Preview Show

This week we preview WWE Battleground, we talk NXT and Divas shakeup, we check in with the WWE Power Rankings, and of course answer your emails.


Uso Clueless, Don't sass-mouth Kane, Lord Ortback, Blake and Murphy move on from Boxer Briefs, and WHY IS THAT PLUNGER WET?!?!


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MarkSetGO! Across the WWE Universe

This week we Review The Beast in the East, we talk about the premier of Total Divas with special guest Melanie, we go On The Road with the WWE, and of course we recap RAW. 


Brock Demos my house, Is Eva a Jabrona? Hot Shot Danny Duggan digs a grave, Rusev's Orthopedic Boot, The Ascension are a tag-team, and it was HEATH SLATER!!

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MarkSetGO Weekly Roundup

This Week, we Talk about Monday Night RAW (Rollins), Edit the WWE Power Rankings, Go Under the Radar with Dolph's 100th problem, Breakdown Brock Lesnar's revenge, and look foward to Battleground!


Kane vs The Volcano! Where have all the young priests gone? What does Rusev kiss like? We talk Roman's Yang, and "12 years old my ass..."

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Mark Set...Noogie!

This Week, we go On Tour with WWE, begrundgingly, talk NXT, cover RAW and apology-gate, we give our predictions and of course, answer your terrible emails.


We're Slammin' Myrrh, Uso and Cesaro are drunk, Seth and the (invisi)Shield, DONT #hotdudetag, Bray's Lullabys and will Tyson Kidd eat his cat?!

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Money in the Bank Review

We're back this week to Re-cap Money in the Bank PPV, Talk monday night RAW, we preview Tuff Enuff, and of course, BROCK LESNAR!


We go under the swamp-dar, Johnny Idiot-Face gloats, Meet the Zigglers, Introducing American Rains, and we're Wrestling with Your Tastebuds! #thankyoukevinowens

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Money In the Bank Preview

This week on MarkSetGO! we preview Money in the Bank, Talk about NXT, edit the WWE Power Rankings, and read your stupid emails.

PLUS: Michael Cole's house of Vintage (Orton), Lana is a Faker, Ambrose loves popcorn, and J&J are gonna make you go Hmmmm.  

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This week on MarkSetGO! we review the Elimination chamber, go under the radar with the remnants of the shield, Rusev cuts a country album, Owens breaks everything, and Reigns beats everybody up.


We go to Prom (with Dolph and Randy), Johnny goes on vacation, Bo vs Gangrel? Is rusev a Beatnik now? and Dean Ambrose as The Fugitive!

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Elimination Chamber Preview

Alright friends, it's time for another PPV preview show! This time, Rusev wrestles a bear! Is Cena retiring? Ambrose has friends in suspicious places, and we pay our respects to nassau coliseum.


Vince hates Styles, Johnny sleeps like a hobo, and when it Reigns it Bores!

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Payback Rewind!

This Week: we revisit WWE Payback, Talk NXT Unstoppable, Get Friendly, Breakdown the LaZigSev love triangle, and set our sights on elimination chamber


Daniel Bryan left his phone behind, Charlotte gets superkicked, Predictions Champ Derrick LaMere gloats, and Ambrose designs a trailer park!

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It's the Big Payback (Preview)

We're back, and It's the Payback Preview Show! Styles adds to his stable, Cosplay! Everyone likes Goldie Hawn! Ambrose wins RAW! And We correct the WWE power rankings.

PLUS! Cena vomits the flag, Ryback gets a lot of pizza, and don't forget the Taco Driver!

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Extreme Re-cap and More!

It's our Extreme Rules Re-cap edition. Review of the PPV, looking forward to Payback, Breaking Ryback, All hail King Barrett, and Bo Knows (how to get beat up)


Look at all the pretty lights, Styles is having a baby, Seven Minutes in Heaven, and other Items of Particular Curiosity!!

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MarkSetGO outta nowhere!

It's the one day out of this week that we get extreme! We discuss RKOmania, A new new day, NXT, Rollins in his place, and Kane breaks corporate protocol.


We get Friendly! Miz is clearly not a Greyjoy, Orton RKO's my dog, and you ain't gonna like us anyway...

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Our Extreme European Vacation

Our most extreme and interesting show yet! Kane slips in power rankings, Rollins is King, we speculate on possible stipulations, and talk about the most extreme wrestlers of all time!


Wrestling Sucks, It's Rowan's laundry day, we can't die in parliment, Extreme Nissan Sentra, and you should come over and watch The Game.

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We've got the Power!

This week, we get deep into some power rankings, talk NXT, Kane has a crappy office, Cena won't shut up, and Mizdow is headead back to his last gig. 


Predictions! All the Divas get a chance! and Neville gets in over his head, it Heath Slater?

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WrestleMania 32 Preview (1/52)

It's Axe-Treme rules Time! We recap wrestlemania 31, Brock's Big-Boy Temper tantrum, Rollins acting like a champ! Bray has scheduling conflicts and we contemplate the future of the the Universe! 

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Wrestlemania Pre-Show!!!

It's finally here, the F#$&**! Wrestlemania Pre-Show! We give our predictions, talk about the ATGMBR, Hogan's dinner pudding, Too many Horswoggles, and Publix is smokin good!

Plus find out why Styles' mic gets cut and we talk to Portland PPV Predictions Champion, Father Lloyd!

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Wrestmania Pre-Pre-Show!

After  week off, we're gearing up for our wrestlmania Pre-Show! Sting and Orton Besties? The corporate Ryback? RAW isn't wrestling, and we look back on previous wrestlmanias with special guest Mr. Burn!


Sting likes Portland, Bray burnt down an Arbys! The Devil's Favorite Intern, Big Show and Ryback wrestle in the woods, El Dorito, and EVERYBODY GETS A WEAPON!

We feel smokin good by the way!

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Back on the Road to The Wrestlemania Preview Show

We travel across the universe, Discuss the IC Fiasco, Rey Mysterio, and Baby Cena!

PLUS! Harper's Jug Band? We Throw Truth a Bone, and Brock Goes Wild!

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Rest Stop on the Road To the Wrestlemania Preview Show!

We've pulled into a rest stop on the road to wrestlemania! A review of fastlane, We talk about the return of the viper, The Big Suit, and Dean's apartment,

Plus, matching jumpsuits, goat rain, and we're afraid we've some bad news for Wade. With a special guest intro!

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Vroom! Vroom!

We talk way too much about Divas, Recap NXT, and we get all revved up for Fastlane with our predictions!


Undertaker travel plans, total vomit, and it looks like Bray is working on a solid plan B.

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It's our WWE Debut!

Well, it's the big show! We talk about HHH and not Sting, Breakdown KiddSaro, and preview NXT (ar)Rival (sp?).

Plus! Sting accepts his Latte, Bryan crawls out of his cave, and we do shots of Kalisto!



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