Its the fallout show. Styles and Johnny discuss the results of the Rumble. Father Lloyd and Mr Burn make an appearance as well.. Kalisto a target? Fantasy results? AJ Styles? 


PS, Thank you to all of you who came and joined us at the Tanker for the Live viewing of the Rumble. We look forward to seeing all of you at Mad Sons for Fastlane!

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Styles and Johnny are back from winter break! Styles isn't pleased with there being some new content added to the network. We breakdown Raw, talk Power Rankings with Father Lloyd and NXT with Mr Burn and much much more. Join us live at Tanker for the viewing party on Sunday!

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Wrestling Shorts #2 - Royal Rumbles.. 2006, 1992 and looking forward

Its Rumble Week! Mr Burn and Father Lloyd hit you with some insight regarding Royal Rumbles past. The boys take a look at the only other time the WWE Championship was on the line as well as the 2006 Royal Rumble. Which, much like Rick Flair, in 1992 stayed in for over an hour, Rey Mysterio also stayed in and won the belt. 

Stay tuned this week for your full Royal Rumble MarkSetGo! Podcast.

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Wrestling Shorts - #1  - A Mark Set Go Podcast


Alllll right friends. Johnny Apollo and Styles Rosales are out on assingment this week. Father Lloyd and Mr Burn decided to produce a new addition to the Mark Set Go Podcast network. Kafabian Studios East brings you the first episode of Wrestling Shorts!

Wrestling Shorts are exactly that. Short shows that will take place every once in a while between the main show. Anything goes. No Topic is safe! Lock up your Moms and Daughters! Cat and dogs, living together, MASS HYSTERIA!

This week, since the Main Roster was out on assignment, the new blood decided to yak about Monday Night Raw.

Sleeves on Mr McMahon? Do people really like Dean Ambrose? WHY 2 Jericho? 

Side Note, we were originally going to run the Royal Rumble segment in this episode, but we decided to make its own episode. Look for that to drop on Sunday or Monday. 


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Back on Track

Alright Friends, We're back on track this week as we analyze all of the hijinks from the previous two weeks.  We talk about Vince's arrest and ref skills, Mr. Burn goes under the Radar with us to discuss the most dangerous factions in this years royal rumble, we recap our month in Fantasy Wrestling,  and of course answer your stupid emails.


Johnny's hot tip, it's Coors-drunk Jericho, Social Outcasts get the job done, and Dolph needs some young dudes to rub off on him.

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MarkSetGO! In the Dark

Well friends, it's here.  Our first annual MarkSetGO! "In the Dark" episode.  This is an explicit episode, so send the kids out of the room before enjoy our new years party.  We talk about the state of modern Wrestling, John Cena's role in the company, and a bunch of other stuff that, quite frankly, I can't remember.  

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