We kind of let our RAW recap run out of control talking about the return of Shane Mcmahon. We decided to give it its own show. Father Lloyd pleads his case as to why this is a good idea while Mr Burn is having none of it. 

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Since it was a short show on the main show, Burn and Lloyd dish on this weeks Raw being pretty much way more awesome then the Pay Per View from the night before. The biggest news, the return of Shaneo Mac.  So much so that there will be a second set of Wrestling Shorts to pull down this weekend focusing on JUST THAT.


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Hello friends. Short show this week. Apollo is out of town in the city of Brotherly Love. Styles is left to put up with half a show this week. Fastlane was a big disappointment with moments of pure greatness. They boys break it down for us. Stay tuned for a fresh pair of Wrestling Shorts with Burn and Lloyd. One discussing RAW. One discussing the Return of the Prodigal Son, Shane McMahon. 



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Alright Friends. Its that time of week, AND that time of the month! No! Not *that* time of the month, its time for the Pay Per View Preview show. The road to Wrestlemania is heating up with a trip into the Fastlane. The boys talk RAW. One of the best in months. No Father Lloyd, BUT there is a Burning Question. Styles? Big Show, Kane and Ryback vs the Wyatts? Intercontinental Championship on the line. Some Divas disputes. A lot happened this week.

Join us on Sunday at Mad Sons, 1109 SE Madison St, Portland, OR. PPV starts at 4pm sharp. Get there early to be eligible for some door prizes and submit your ballot and compete to become the PPV Champion and defend your title at Wrestlemania!

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What's this? Everybody in studio together? What could possibly go wrong? Smackdown Preview, Hot Moms, Across the Universe, GOLDEN TRUTH, AJ Styles, listener mail.. ITS ALL HERE.


“If Shakespeare was alive today he would be writing wrestling shows” -Chris Jericho

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MarkSetGo! Feb 4th 2016

Its been an interesting week. Post Rumble, Pre Fastlane a lot can happen in the world of professional wrestling. Who better to help sort it all out? Johnny and Styles go Across the Universe, visit the Mailbag, Breakdown and introduce two new segments featuring Mr Burn and Father Lloyd. Its a packed show this week.  

“You can beat mah prices- but you cant beat mah meat.” The immortal Dusty Rhodes

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