With a sudden injury, putting Apollo in the hospital at the very last minute, Styles and Burn rush through a show with some special announcements. They go across the universe, talk the last couple weeks on NXT, Remember Chyna, Breakdown the first match involving Anderson and Gallows, rundown the match card for Payback and finish up with a mailbag! 

Join us on Sunday for Payback, live at Mad Sons! Its 21+ and free to attend. Come hungry, thirsty and early enough to make the picks and have your shot at the Monthly PPV Championship belt!


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Alright friends, Apollo is on a road trip in London. London OREGON (wherever that is). He takes Mr Burn across the universe. Then discussions continue regarding Payback, the fate of the Wyatts, looking ahead to Smackdown, BARON CORBIN, The Vaudvillians, Brett Hart and MUCH more. 

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Alright friends. Its that time of the week again. Burn is joined over the phone by a rather sickly sounding Apollo. They go Across the Universe and discuss RAW and the impact Shane O Mac has been having so far. There is a discussion of Power rankings, Whats Next for NXT?  They breakdown the New Day's Tag Tournament, and go into the Future regarding Smackdown and round out the show with some listener mail. 

Not a bad week, not bad at all.. 

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Alright friends. This week the boys deal with Wrestlemania and the HUGE Monday Night RAW following it. Styles is the Big Shot telling us what he'd do on RAW if he was in charge. We go Under The Radar, and then Breakdown the future of Wade Barrett. We deal with the future looking forward to Smackdown and round the week out with a solid mailbag. Burnzo Amore makes an appearance.. and we give a huge shoutout to everybody who joined us at Tanker for Wrestlemania.



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Alright friends.. Styles is back in the States. GoldBurn makes an appearance. The boys go across the universe, breakdown the ESPN / WWE connection, Burn and Apollo dish NXT... Styles and Apollo give up their predictions on Wrestlemania and there's also a few questions in the mailbag.


We look forward to seeing you live on Sunday for our annual Wrestlemania party at The Tanker! +21, starts at 3pm, and its free!!

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