NOTE ** We didn't become aware of the big news regarding the Brand Split until well after the show had wrapped. 

Enjoy the Fallout edition of this months PPV though with Lloyd and Burn. Its a good show. We'll get to all the breaking news stuff next week. 

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Alright friends, Lloyd and Burn return for another week of WWE Matches, News, NXT, Rumors and even a random phone call from a certain someone.

Join us this weekend for Extreme Rules. We're at Mad Sons again, 4pm! 21+ Free to attend. We've got free stuff to give away and as usual you could participate in a chance to win the Portland PPV Championship for the month!. 

We'll see you there!

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A new era begins in the WWE as well as for the MarkSetGo! Podcast. Making his way to the ring, Father Lloyd! Welcome to the roster as the New Host of the MarkSetGo! Podcast. Joined by Mr Burn has his corner. 

Stay connected to the show by following us on Facecbook.

Join us Live at Mad Sons pub in Southeast Portland for Extreme Rules! Stay tuned for details. Or connect with us on Facebook for the official Invite!

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Its officially a new Era for the WWE. Also a new Era for Mark Set Go! Have a listen to this HISTORIC episode and get in touch with us on Facebook.

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