Alright friends. We've got a fun, kind of in-betweener show this week. We've got former MSG host Johnny Apollo on the phone for a lengthy Rumors segment. Then, Burn and Lloyd review a pretty great episode of RAW this week. 


Stay Tuned for next week as we have ourselves a good old fashioned Mock DRAFT!

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Alright friends. We successfully navigated the Money in the Bank Pay Per View. Big thanks to our friends at Landmark Saloon and all of you who made an appearance, despite the hiccup with game 7 of the NBA Championship. We have a new champ, and then a newer champ and then a former champ gets SUSPENDED! Father Lloyd and Mr Money in the Bank, Mr Burn deal with some news and Rumors, and pick apart MITB and then the following RAW. 

Happy birthday Father Lloyd!

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Alright friends, its time for Money in the Bank! Father Lloyd and Mr Burn deal with the results of NXT Takeover The End, talk RAW results and give predictions for the Money In the Bank Pay Per View!


Join us live at the Landmark Saloon on Sunday, 4pm! Live viewing party and a chance to become the Money in the Bank PPV Champion! It is on the back patio, so families are welcome! All ages until 8pm!


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Alright friends. This week we do something a little different. Burn got access to a special HHH conference call having to do with NXT the End on June 8th, only on the WWE Network. Lloyd shares his live reaction to some select segments from this hour long Conference call. 


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MarkSetGo! Podcast - 05312016 - Canadians

Hello Friends! This week Lloyd and Burn welcome a special guest to help try and put together what little details we have after the WWE dropped the news of Smackdown going Live in July, and the fallout of all of that, including a brand split! There's some Across the Universe, and a tiny bit of news as well.


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