SO MUCH STUFF TO COVER. Lloyd and Burn do their best to cover as much of the stuff that happened over a VERY long, very jam packed week in wrestling with the focus on Summer Slam and NXT Takeover.


Thanks again to our friends who joined us at Landmark for our 3rd annual Summer Slam Spectacular!

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Its a mega long show this week. Father Lloyd and Mr Burn breakdown RAW, Smackdown Live! NXT as well as discuss their predictions for Summer Slam AND the NXT Takeover Brooklyn event this weekend. There's even a familiar guest who gets to weigh in on some of it as well.

Landmark Saloon is the place to be on Sunday for our 3rd Annual Summer Slam viewing party! As always, get there early to get your predictions in. You could be our Summer Slam '16 Predictions Champ! Not to mention free giveaways, great food and drinks, our GLORIOUS personalities and much, much more. This is an ALL AGES gathering, and its also PET FRIENDLY! Bring Kids, Bring Pets Bring the WHOLE FAM DAMILY. We'll see you there!


What a GLORIOUS week its been in the WWE wrestling podcast universe. Lloyd and Burn are back to tackle a week filled with news and rumors, NXT happenings, RAW and Smackdown as well as Round 1 of the Crusierweight Classic.

Stay tuned friends, next week is the Predictions week.. not just for Summer Slam, but for NXT Takeover as well. 

As always, Join us for our live Summer Slam viewing party at Landmark Saloon! Aug 21st. All ages welcome. 4pm start time! Get there early, grab some food, drinks and hang with us! 

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Alright friends. Its that time of the week again. We're going to postpone the CWC talk for at least another week. That doesn't mean there isn't plenty of other things to talk about. Lloyd and Burn dish on some news and rumors, handle RAW and Smackdown Live before going over some returns and introductions on NXT this week. 

We'll see you LIVE in two weeks at Landmark Saloon for Summer Slam 2016!

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