Hell in a Cell Predictions Show

Alright friends, this week is going to be a little different. While Father Lloyd is on assignment in Florida for his annual pilgrimage to FEST, the Mr Burn gathers the forces of Johnny Apollo and Research Pete for a Hell in a Cell go home show. Predictions abound. News and Rumors were gabbed. Fun was had.  

Join us at Tanker Bar on Sunday, 4pm. 21+ | WWE Hell in a Cell 

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MarkSetGo! Podcast - 2016 Two Fists, No Chin, and a Goldberg

Alright Friends. Father Lloyd and The Mr Burn have some stuff to say about this weeks wrestling, and not all of it is pretty. More Paige and TNA in Rumors, the impact of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic on NXT, the Myth Goldberg returning to RAW, and Ellsworth; what does he mean to Smackdown and how did that match effect AJ styles and the WWE World Championship? 


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MarkSetGO! Podcast No Mercy Fallout Show

What a great pay per view party at Mad Sons! We not only saw the crowning of a new IC Champ in Dolph Ziggler, we got our very first Smackdown Live Pay Per View champion! 

Its a packed show this week. Have a listen and we'll see you soon for Hell in a Cell.

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MarkSetGo! Podcast - 2016 No Mercy Predictions Show

Alright friends, Father Lloyd and Mr Burn are on deck for another set of predictions for yet another Smackdown Live Pay Per View, No Mercy.  Not only that, this has been a pretty intense week for news and rumors as well as Match Results for NXT, RAW and Smackdown.


Join us for No Mercy at Mad Sons Pub. We start at 4pm with the preshow and go until the shows over! As usual, this is a 21+ event. Sorry kids. We have a new Smackdown Predictions belt that needs its first Predictions Champion.. could it be you?

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Alright Friends. We're late, but we're here. Father Lloyd and Mr Burn go over all the weeks wrestling including the fallout from Clash of Champions and its carryover to RAW the next night. Smackdown and NXT Results are also discussed. 

Big thanks to Tanker Bar and everyone who came out to watch Clash of Champions. We'll see you in a couple weeks at Mad Sons for No Mercy! 

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