2016 Survivor Series LIVE at Tanker Bar [NSFW | Explicit Language]

NSFW SHOW - EXPLICIT LANGUAGE -- You've been warned

Alright friends. We recorded some live audio while we were all at Tanker Bar watching Survivor Series. It was too much work to edit out all the swearing, so its in there. But, its a fun look into what goes on at our events and we hope you'll join us next time!

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Takeover Toronto & Survivor Series Predictions Show

Alright friends. Another big PPV weekend is upon us. Not only the 30th annual Survivor Series, but we've also got NXT Takeover Toronto. We've got Special guest "F***ING Gary" to join us for Predictions. Its a long show and we'll deal with Fallout AFTER the Thanksgiving Holiday, but we're going to try and record something special in between. 

ALSO, Survivor Series will be showing LIVE at Tanker on Sunday. We start at 3pm, since its a longer show. We won't be showing the first hour of the PreShow, because.. well.. we just don't feel like being there for 6 whole hours.. BUT FEAR NOT, there will be a PPV predictions title on the line! In fact, we'll have our first SMACKDOWN/RAW Unified PPV Champion! 


WWE In Glasglow Show

Alright friends. After a bizarre and "historic" week in real life, Father Lloyd and The Mr Burn escape into the world of the WWE as both shows showcase the build up to the 30th Annual Survivor Series. The boys also deal with the semi finals of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic on NXT looking toward Takeover.

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Hell in a Cell Fallout Show

Alright friends, once again The Mr Burn is joined by Research Pete & Johnny Apollo. They discus the results of Hell in a Cell, an oddball Halloween edition of Monday Night RAW, Smackdown Live and an unusually disappointing week on NXT. 

Luckily, being live with you at Tanker was fantastic, and we hope to see you there for the 30th Annual Survivor Series. 

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