After Dark

We recorded our No Holds Barred annual After Dark episode of the podcast tonight. Many beers we're drank. Many whisky shots were shared and soon enough, you'll get to listen to us talk about our favorite and least favorite things that happened in wrestling this year.

This is a dirty show. NSFW, put the kids to bed, enjoy an adult beverage or two, light up whatever substance is legal where you live, put on a WWE/F PPV on the network and enjoy this uncensored, raw MarkSetGo! Podcast.

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Its Xmas all over again

Merry Xmas Friends! This week we have a champion filled show. Both the Smackdown and Raw PPV Championship titles belong to the hosts. Lloyd the Universal Champ and Burn the WWE World Champ. Not much happened on the shows this week, being the holiday and all, but there were some wholesome nuggets to chew on. 

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MarkSetGo! Podcast - Roadblock End of the Line 2016

[WARNING - Explicit Content - NSFW] 

Alright friends. Father Lloyd and The Mr Burn go LIVE at Tanker once again with some special guests. The boys start during the Preshow making predictions after not being able to record due to Inclement Weather here in Portland the last few weeks. This is the last Live PPV event here in Portland for 2016 and we thank all of you for listing every week, and seeing all of you at our events!

We'll see you in 2017 live at Tanker for the Royal Rumble!

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TLC Predictions Show

Alright friends, the penultimate WWE PPV of the year is here. Tables, Ladders & Chairs. This time its a Smackdown exclusive. Father Lloyd and The Mr Burn offer predictions while also breaking down all the hits and news of this week in professional wrestling. 

We will be at Mad Sons Pub on Sunday, 4pm for TLC. Prizes, food and drink specials, a chance to be the final Smackdown PPV Predictions Champion of 2016, and of course, your friends at the MarkSetGo! Podcast.

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