Alright friends, we're back after a short birthday break for the one and only Father Lloyd, and what a great time to be back. This wasn't just a great week to be a fan of wrestling, it was a great week to be a fan of Women's Wrestling. All three WWE shows showcased the brilliantly talented women's rosters, GLOW on Netflix, a CLEAR Money In the Bank winner.. and you know, some other stuff that happened.  

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Alright friends, Father Lloyd is out this week and in the Kayfabe Studios we have The Mr Burn joined by the one and only Johnny Apollo.  Recent RAW, Smackdown, NXT and 205 shows are all discussed as well as predictions for the upcoming Money In the Bank PayPerView!

Join us LIVE at Tanker Bar this Sunday for Money in the Bank! Prizes, food and drink specials, as well as your chance to be the Smackdown Live Pay Per View champion!

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Alright friends, another week another predictions show. On deck, Extreme Rules predictions. The Mr Burn got MARRIED? NXT Results, RAW, Smackdown and 205 live are also covered.


We look forward to seeing you at Tanker bar this Sunday for Extreme Rules. The usual cast and crew will be there, along with free prizes and your chance to become the Monday Night Raw MarkSetGo! PPV champion.

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