Alright friends, with Father Lloyd out on assignment, The Mr Burn, the best in the world, the EST OF MSG is joined in Studio by the one and only Steph Wrestling. TLC Fallout is discussed, as well as winners and losers from RAW and SmackDown and a short roundtable about the NXT call ups. Thank you to all who joined us at Tanker for TLC! The next time you hear from any of us will be our famous MarkSetGo! After Dark show. The one time of the year where we let loose and have a bit of a party to celebrate the last year in wrestling.

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Alright friends, the final WWE PPV of the year is upon us. TLC, Tables, Ladders and Chairs. Father Lloyd is BACK with The EST of MST, the BEST IN THE WORLD, Mr Burn. Predictions for TLC, News and rumors, winners and losers for RAW and Smackdown this week and much much more.. we hope to see you live for TLC at Tanker Bar this Sunday!


Alright friends, after some scheduling conflicts and an illness to deal with, we are back on track with the show this week. Father Lloyd is out so don't be as fickle as Daniel Bryan and join us for a glorious show featuring our guests Research Pete and Gorgeous Garrett Smith. We talk NXT UK, some news and rumors, and the winners and losers of RAW and Smackdown. We can't wait to see you at Tanker Bar for Tables Ladders Chairs!

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