Alright friends, Father Lloyd is out on assignment at Defy Wrestling Summit in Seattle and in studio we have Johnny Apollo and the wonderful JP Paradise to cover all you should know this holiday week in Professional Wrestling.

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Alright friends, Father Lloyd and The Mr Burn serve up some Hot takes for NXT War Games, Survivor Series, CM PUNK on Backstage and the now formerly employed Jim Cornette. We are also joined once again by the fabulous Steph Wrestling to help us through this busy week in Professional Wrestling.


Alright friends, Father Lloyd is back with a vengeance. We are also joined in studio by the fabulous Steph Wrestling. We break down some news and rumors and review AEW Full Gear. Was it all it was cracked up to be? Find out this week on the MarkSetGo! Podcast

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Alright friends, both Father Lloyd and Johnny Apollo couldn't make it, and had to take a back seat once again to the slob that turns the knobs and his guest the Gorgeous one Garret Smith. Mostly just a breakdown of AEW Full Gear which is on PPV tonight!

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Alright friends, both Father Lloyd and Johnny Apollo couldn't make the show this week, so The Mr Burn is joined in studio once again by the legend herself, JP Paradise. Saudi show news, NXT news, WAR GAMES, Mox vs Fin Balor on Wednesdays and the Super Humman Spot of the week!

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